Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recent Internet Findings--printable

I've kind of been into printing stuff lately.  I dont know why, probably because it is quick and easy.  I like some instant gratification.   Here are some links to free printable stuff I've found recently when I should be either cleaning or cooking dinner.  So now you may clean your house and feed your family without that pesky voice in your head asking, "where, oh where, can I find some free artwork?"  You're welcome.

This one has cute bath and laundry pics--I think I will be printing and framing a "Bath" one to hang in Chase's remodeled bathroom. Well, at least after we have a floor, sink, cabinet, paint, trim and toliet back in there anyways.  Minor details. . .

And here is the link to all free printables on the website above.  I think the alphabet and number ones are pretty cute if you had a nursery to decorate.

Thought this one here was good for fall

If you like Dr. Seuss, which I do, then maybe you'd like this

And finally, just a bunch of free stuff that I haven't completely looked at yet

Feel like making a custom eye chart???

Oh and if you are feeling especially creative you should check these cute links too!

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