Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I couldn't even remember my password.

I can't believe I've let so much time go by between updating this little ole' blog.  Especially when I stuff like this to share:

My baby rocking a fedora at the Caribbean. Months ago. 

And this same "baby" on his last day of kindergarten:
I mean really.  

 I recently realized that I have  picked up my camera 3 times in the last few months, which is why there has been no content for the blog. No worries though, my obsession with Instagram has ensured that our life continues to be properly over-shared and over-documented. 

I did take a night last week and break out the camera (because someone asked me to).  And you know what?  I feel inspired again.  Thanks, horses.


And of course the flowers.  Always the flowers.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mexico 2013

We took a little trip south of the border last week to soak up the sun.  We stayed at an Eco Resort in the jungle near Playa del Carmen and had a great time.  I have tons of pictures to organize and edit but for now here are a few. . .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hodge Podge

Warning, this could be the most haphazard blog post to date.

1.  A few pics of Chase's birthday party. 

Chase and his BFF

2.  I was looking for some pictures today and found this:

(There is a lot of combined years of Grandmothering around this table.)

My grandma has 6 sisters and they came to visit her at the end of this summer.  Chase and I met them for lunch at a Chinese restuarant.  He opened his fortune cookie and asked someone to read it to him.  I can't remember what grandma came up with this, but I believe the fortune that was read went something like this, "You will find lots of money today"
And the rest of the day whenever he wasn't looking one of them would throw a bunch of coins on the ground near him and say, "Oh look, more money!  What a lucky fortune!"
It may have been one of the best days of his life.
He came home with bags of money and a false understanding of how fortune cookies work.

3.  Recipe time!
1.  Brown Sugar Pork Chops.  So good.  So easy.  So the other white meat.

2. Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies.  Um, don't make these if you are on a
holy-#$%*-I-have-to-wear-a-swimsuit-soon diet. I think the combination of vanilla pudding and chocolate chips in a cookie is equivalent to crack cocaine (they don't taste like crack cocaine, but I imagine it is the addiction equivalent).  Also, I dont know what cocaine tastes like, but it probaby isn't this good.  Or maybe it is?  It would explain the addiction.

3. Blueberry Oatmeal Monkey Buns.  I think I've posted this link before, but I made them last week and they were even better than I remember.

4.  I haven't made this yet, but I want to.  Maybe after the above mentioned swimsuit induced diet.  Amazing Amish Cinnamon Bread Alternative.  I love me some Amish Bread, but detest that bag of starter that just keeps multiplying and needing to be burped. 

4.  Living with Chase right now is like living inside a spelling bee. Or math bee.  He is constantly spelling something.  Or adding or subtracting something.  He'll just come up to me and say, "3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 is 12" and then walk away.  I like it very much.

5.    Oh-so-cute.  I'd love to build one of these for my kitchen table, but the tufting looks hard.  And the tufting is the best part.

 Instructions here.

6.  Free printable. 

Download here

7.  Belated Valentine's.  Some people in my life will not let the photograph Valentine die.  They begin asking what plans I have for this year's Valentine's as soon as Christmas is over.  I was pretty sure that this year no one would ask because my little Valentine is 6 years old this year and isn't super excited about posing for Valentine's with his face on them.  And I also think 6 may just be getting too old for these types of shenanigans.  But again the questions came and then I read this by the Bloggess 
And it was on.  

(sorry for the cruddy picture, you get the idea, right?)

8.  If you want to read something else funny, read the comments here.  I just read through a few again. 

9.  I've found some good thrifting junk lately.  I have a real picture frame hoarding problem, I keep telling myself I'm going to make a kick butt gallery wall.  At this point I could probably make a gallery room, but that's another topic for another day.  Here's a sampling of some recent finds:

 Ryan is certain I am going to give him this trophy cup for his fantasy football league. Right, because I just happen to find solid brass vintage trophy cups for 4 dollars all the time. 

Feather dish?  Yes, please.
  Oh and I tried out this olive oil/vinegar mixture on these old wooden horse heads and it shined them right up.  Much better option than stinky polyurethane.

10.  I really thought I could get to 10.  But I just can't.  This post has been sitting in my file for a week now so I think I'll call it good enough.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I think I remember how to do this. . .

So.  It's been awhile.  I'm not even going to try and catch up, which makes me a little bit sad since I really like to look back at this stuff.  Here's a little recap:   we lived through the end of the Mayan calendar, had a good Christmas, survived influenza, made some New Year's resolutions.  Life has been good.

Some links and other random info for you. 

Snickerdoodle-type cookie recipe here.  Yummy.  You know they have to be as I would never EVER eat a cookie with any type of dried fruit in it.   Make em.  I've got some dough chillin in the fridge as I type.

Great ideas for those engineer-type prints from Staples I see all over the place for when you can't commit to any photo found here.  I'm digging the camera print and the constellation print --perfect for a little boy's room???.   What a great shop!  I'm going to buy this "Hold on" print (proceeds go to Sandy Hook) just as soon as I make up my mind on the chalkboard art. Original link was from here.

I'm into Thai food lately. I want to eat it every meal.  I tried this recipe  for lettuce wraps and it was muy good.  Two thumbs up.

I've been filling up on trashy tv lately.  Like I said, life is good.

Chase has been amazing us lately with all the stuff he's learning.  It is like someone flipped a switch on and  all of a sudden he's reading, writing, doing math.   And wait for it. . .  he's finally zipping up his own coat.  The past few months have been some of my favorites with him, watching him learn all this new stuff and see the confidence that comes with that.

The new year has kick started our house resolutions into high gear. I'm happy to report we have removed the popcorn from all ceilings on one floor of this place.  And January isn't even over yet!  Now just kitchen, living room, and family room to go.  We've also started some tests for the kitchen cabinet redo. I'm crying already. 

Cookie dough calling my name. . .

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A few Christmas happenings. . .

Christmas is in full swing around here.  The kindergarten concert was adorable as predicted.  My cheeks were hurting afterwards.

The elf showed up two days ago.  He's already sucking the life out of me. . . I kid.  Kind of.  How many more days??

My mom just happened to have an extra giant Santa hanging around and thought he'd be perfect out at the fort.  I have to agree.

After watching Santa feed the reindeer this afternoon (link here) Chase decided he needed to write a letter to Santa.    

 Dear Santa,
I would like a big set of Rokenbok please.  You are a great Santa!

I'm trying not to go too crazy with Christmas decorating this year. . .  

But it sure is cozy in here.  

And all these lights have inspired me to get my camera back out.  Beware of the obnoxious Christmas bokeh coming this way. . . 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday 5

1.  Have you read Handmade Walls yet?  If not, you should.  Lots of pretty pictures and plans.  We have one frame all ready to be assembled in the basement and I have about 10 other frame ideas floating around in my head. I did complete one project I saw in the book though.  It wasn't really part of the book, just something I noticed in the background (see?  lots to look at) and knew I could figure it out on my own.  I already had the wooden box made and ready to be finished in the basement and this was the push I needed to complete.  I'd show you the inspiration photo, but you really should buy the book.  Here's my version:

2.  And speaking of making things.  I recently saw a wood charger at World Market with a glass cloche on it.  And since I have the glass cloche and we have a forest of trees behind the house, I figured Ryan we could DIY one.  Ryan cut me a piece of wood--(which I guess is not so easy to do with a chainsaw).  Here she is ready to be sanded and stained.  You get the idea, right?

3.  Chase has his Holiday music concert tomorrow night.  He has been talking about this concert for weeks and is sooo excited.  I am pretty surprised that he is so into it--he's never really been that interested in music.  However, it sounds like his music teacher is pretty fantastic so maybe that is part of it.  Anyways, he has a CD of music that he can practice from, he needed to get a new outfit to wear (with a tie) and he has instructed anyone who is coming that they have to wear nice clothes.  I cannot wait.

4.  We made some birdseed ornaments for the birds following this.  It was surprisingly not that messy and they look pretty on the tree. Birds enjoy a little festive decor too.

5. On the Christmas front, our house is decorated, the yard is lit up, and I have some presents bought already.  I think it is a record for me (this organized feeling is strange).   I did a lot of online shopping this weekend and was happy to support Small Business Saturday via Etsy. 


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